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TTN began over 40 years ago in the wake of the Ash Wednesday fires.  Originally operating exclusively as a softwood harvest and haul contractor the company diversified in the late 90's to incorporate blue gum plantation harvesting and chipping operations followed by general freight services in more recent years.

As a family owned and operated business we are passionate about the success of our team and meeting customers needs.  We are exceptionally proud of our unique structure and highly qualified supervisor team.  These supervisors have worked for TTN for many years and see our business as their own.


Each of our awarded contracts and departments have one or more supervisors that are responsible for that specific operation.  They are invested in our success and have been an integral part of building rapport with customers and ensure that they receive the best service and products as needed whether that be log, blue gum chip or general freight.  





TTN specialise in the harvest and haulage of pine plantations across the Green Triangle region.


With a range of operations conducting first, second and third thinning's together with clearfall TTN provide a comprehensive end to end service.


Each customer operation is managed by our experienced and trusted supervisor team who work with our customers to deliver the best quality product in the most efficient and effective ways.  


We are always investigating new and smarter ways to work, assessing the data and listening to our customers to ensure the right end product is delivered to the mill, port or chosen destination.


Operating state of the art Komatsu 911, 931, 951 harvesters and Komatsu 890 and 895 forwarders our highly skilled operators are renowned as some of the best in the industry.

We transport our harvesting contracts with the safety award winning Scania R620 prime movers.


Our in-field chipping operations commenced in 1998 when Tabeel acquired the CSR log and chip operations.  What unfolded after the procurement was a wave of innovation within the company to develop and engineer debarking equipment that was suitable for Australia’s eucalypt product.


TTN now manage very safe and efficient chipping operations across various eucalypt plantations that are serviced by Peterson 5000 combination flail debarkers and a Peterson 5800/5910 split system.  These systems are supported by TimberPro and Tigercat feller bunchers, Tigercat and John Deer skidders and Komatsu grapple excavators.



A relatively new addition to the TTN brand, for the past 4 years we have been expanding our general freight services across the nation.
Our common destinations include the major Australian ports; Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and many regional destinations in between.
All our primer movers are equipped with Guardian by Seeing Machines state of the art fatigue management systems.
For more information about this incredible safety initiave, click the link below.

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